Blacklion Cilerro BH15 185/60R15 88H available in Tyldesley

Cilerro BH15 XL


Cilerro BH15

Cilerro BH15

Fully fitted price: £47.88


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The BH15 tyre is an all-season touring tyre engineered to deliver exceptional handling and all weather performance. The BH15 features 4 wide circumferential grooves to help channel water away quickly and efficiently delivering excellent wet weather traction. A modern non-directional tread design provides superior road feel and handling making the BH15 the perfect everyday tyre.
  •  Modern non-directional all season tread design.
  •  Variable pitch tread design for low noise performance.
  •  Softer apex compound provides a smoother ride.
  •  Silica compound for superior wet traction and reduced rolling resistance.
  •  Jointless Bead Cover: spiral steel band wrapped around beads improves the structural rigidity of the tyre resulting in a smooth ride.
  •  Higher sidewall turn-up provides improved sidewall strength and durability.
  •  4 Belt Package - 2 Steel, 1 Poly, 1 Nylon
  •  T, H and V speed rated





H (Max Speed: 130mph)

88 (Max Load: 560kg)